Hire Front-end Developer for Your Needs

Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to creating intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces for your web or mobile applications in any popular frontend technologies.

How a Front-end Developer can help your business?

Create and manage user interfaces

Our team of front-end developers specializes in crafting interactive, SEO-optimized interfaces for websites and applications, ensuring they are aesthetically appealing, fully functional, and accessible.

Apply design to applications and websites

If you’re not satisfied with the theme or design of your website as it is now, let our front end developer help you realize your ideas.

Web optimization, bug fixes, and usability testing

Our developers are front-end testing specialists who test website presentation capabilities, user interface, and interaction. They will test every component of the web interface, including the navigation, font size, and type, field functions, colors, and consistency.

Create animated & mobile-friendly content

If your website is burdened with excessive text or suffers from a poor mobile experience, it could lead to reduced traffic and deter clients. Our front-end developers will provide expert consultation on the most suitable animation solutions, ensuring compatibility with your website’s infrastructure and back-end frameworks.

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Why should you choose Front-end developer from TopSquad?

At TopSquad, we provide you with a team of expert consultants and front-end maestros, working together to create a visually appealing and functional interface for your web and mobile apps.

Low hiring costs and transparent cost structure

Our recruitment process offers the lowest cost alongside a transparent cost model, ensuring affordability and clarity in expenses.

Start Immediately

Our team will start the work as soon as possible when all the requirements and needs are met.

Eliminate the Risk of Staff Turnover

Enjoy stable team dynamics with no risk of staff turnover disruptions.


Engaging Front-end developers from TopSquad introduces a collaborative team methodology to app creation, enhancing responsiveness, agility, and competitiveness.

Technology stack that we cover

Whether it is a simple one-page mobile app or a complex enterprise-sized solution, we got you. See below the list of stacks that we provide.

Hiring Process for Front-end Developer

You will go through these steps to pick the staff that suits your requirements best

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Share the brief

Give us a description of your project, and we will suggest the developers from our pool who can complete your tasks in the best possible way

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Plan working strategy

We set cooperation details like developers’ scope of work and the time frames at this stage

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Scan the talents

We usually have more than one option of developers skilled in any given technology

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Run the tests

Check if the level of our professional is good enough. You can run any reasonable qualification tests

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Hire the talent

The developer will remain our employee, but you will have full control over his or her work tasks


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Agile Methodology

With years of experience in providing tailored software development services, our approach is well-defined, efficient, and committed to meeting stringent timelines.

We apply agile methodology throughout the process, ensuring flexibility, adaptability, and regular client collaboration. We oversee every step of the process, commencing with a thorough and intricate comprehension of your needs.

Following project completion, we guarantee the seamless functionality of your solution post-deployment.

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We thoroughly assess your project requirements and objectives. We aim to understand your vision and establish a solid foundation for a successful collaboration.

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We delve deeper into the project’s details. We create a comprehensive project scope, design the system architecture, and set up a detailed plan that outlines the development journey.

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We write code, implement features, and create the software according to the established specifications and design. Regular code reviews and testing are conducted to ensure quality.

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We ensure a smooth transition to the production environment, provide necessary user training and support, and maintain the system’s health.

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We actively observe system performance, gather user feedback, and promptly address issues. Data analysis helps optimize the software, ensuring it meets evolving needs.

What Our Customers Say

Hiring a front-end developer has never been easier with TopSquad.

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