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Interested in creating an app like Threads? Threads, a new app by Meta, Instagram’s parent, offers a Twitter-like experience where users share updates and engage in trending topics. This revolutionary app is set to change digital communication with its focus on current trends and user connections.

Threads stand out with its text publishing, open discussions, and interaction among like-minded users. It capitalizes on the instant messaging trend for effective online interaction.

Our blog will cover the intricacies of Threads, its unique features, and how it sets itself apart from Twitter and similar platforms. We’ll also look into Threads’ development costs and its impact since its July 5, 2023 launch, when it drew 2 million sign-ups in two hours and now boasts 30 million users. Threads allows 500+ character posts, offering features akin to Twitter, integrated with Instagram verification.

Must-Have Features to Develop a Social Media Application Like Threads

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When developing an app like Instagram Threads, understanding the key features and functionalities that provide a seamless and engaging user experience is crucial, as they significantly impact the development cost. The process of social media app development is vital for crafting a fully-functional application. Let’s delve into essential functions like profile creation, following and unfollowing users, and initiating new discussions.

1) Profile Creation: The first step for users is to establish their presence through profile creation. Allow them to construct unique profiles with essential details like username, profile picture, and bio. Enhance personalization by enabling the addition of cover photos, themes, or stickers, reflecting their individuality. An appealing profile page fosters an ideal setting for interaction and self-expression.

2) Follow/Unfollow Functionality: Implement a follow/unfollow feature to cultivate connections and enable users to curate their network. This function should allow users to manage their feeds and content visibility with a user-friendly interface, including options to search for specific people or discover recommended accounts based on interests.

3) Thread Creation: Instagram Threads should offer a feature to create new posts, including text, links, videos, and images, shared with followers. Users should control their post privacy, deciding who can interact with their content. This feature allows for a personalized and controlled communication experience.

4) Reactions (Emojis) in Threads: Allow users to express their emotions in conversations through a variety of emojis, enhancing engagement without interrupting the flow.

5) Thread Mention Feature: Include an @mention feature to highlight specific users in a thread, ensuring they receive notifications and don’t miss important messages.

6) Sharing Threads on Third-party Applications: Enable direct sharing of threads to Instagram’s main platform, facilitating a broader audience reach and seamless integration between the two apps.

For a high-quality social media app akin to Threads, it’s advisable to hire app developers from a specialized social media development company with a skilled team of designers and developers capable of creating sophisticated social media applications.

Development Process to Build a Social Media App Like Threads

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If you’re aiming to build a social media app like Threads with unique features that stand out in the market, consider hiring app developers who specialize in delivering comprehensive development solutions.

Here’s a streamlined guide to the development process of creating a social media app akin to Threads:

1) Market Research and Analysis: Begin by deeply understanding the market. Focus on user preferences, competitive landscape, engagement trends, regulatory challenges, market entry barriers, audience targeting, and other key factors.

2) Prototype Development: Post-research, craft a blueprint of your text-based app. Detail the visual layout, screen features, navigation, and overall viability to shape the user experience and interface.

3) UI/UX Design: A skilled design team should create an engaging, user-friendly layout. Prioritize the app’s usability and visual appeal, integrating the brand’s voice. Hiring a mobile app development company with experienced designers is beneficial for this phase.

4) Application Development: With the design set, developers choose the right tech stack, including programming languages and frameworks. They build essential components, integrate APIs, servers, and databases to ensure usability, scalability, and performance. Opt for a development company that offers scalable solutions tailored to specific needs.

5) Quality Assurance & Testing: Rigorous testing is crucial for ensuring the app’s functionality, interface, performance, and bug-free operation, maintaining high quality at a reasonable cost. Choose a company with an expert QA team to test and refine every aspect of the app.

6) Post-Deployment Support & Maintenance: Once the app is ready, launch it with effective titles, descriptions, categories, keywords, icons, and store graphics. Post-launch, monitor its performance, user feedback, and necessary updates. Hiring dedicated developers for post-launch support is essential for ongoing success.

Selecting a top app development company that provides end-to-end services, from design to post-deployment support, is key to creating a successful social media app like Threads.

How Threads is Different From Twitter?

A comparison of Twitter and Threads with a list of key differences:

The maximum character limit for posts shared on Twitter is 280. Additionally, Twitter charges $8 per month for extra features. Users can increase their character limit to 25000 after subscribing.Threads will allow users to share posts with lengths exceeding 500 characters. There isn’t a subscription option available with Meta to access additional features.
Users can submit two-minute, twenty-second films to Twitter even if they don’t have the coveted blue badge.Five-minute videos will be available for users to post on Threads.
While the home feed is currently the only way to explore Threads, recommendations and current trends are available on Twitter’s homepage.In contrast to Twitter, Threads doesn’t seem to have a post-draft function at first.
Users can add a username to their Twitter account or sign in with a personal email address or mobile number.You can only access Threads by logging into your Instagram account. You have to deactivate your personal Instagram account in order to even remove threads.

Technology Stack for Creating a Social Media App Like Threads

Based on your development requirements, you will choose the technology stack. You can modify the design of your app to suit your unique needs.

Front-end Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React

Back-end Development

  • Node.js
  • Express.js


  • MongoDB

Choose a mobile app development company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions with the latest tools and technologies. Their team of skilled app developers will collaborate with you to comprehend your specific needs, ensuring the delivery of applications rich in features and functionality.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Social Media Application Development Like Threads?

Developing a social media app like Instagram Threads involves considering various aspects including development, design, maintenance, and more. While it’s challenging to pinpoint an exact cost, let’s examine the key factors that impact the overall expense of creating such a platform.

Application Complexity

Mobile app development costs vary based on complexity. Simpler apps with basic functionality and standard UI for a single platform are less expensive, while complex apps with advanced features (like third-party integrations, multilingual support, custom animations, and sophisticated design) require extensive backend work and larger databases, increasing costs.

Operating Platforms

The chosen platform for launching your app influences cost. Native app development for Android or iOS is generally less expensive than cross-platform development, but it may limit your audience and ROI. Hybrid development can expand your user base but at a higher cost. Consult experienced developers to optimize your operating system choice and minimize costs.

Design and Development Requirements 

Costs also vary depending on whether you work with a renowned app development company, a specialized firm, or independent developers. A mobile app’s design is crucial for attracting users, and elements like icons, logos, and user interfaces significantly influence development costs. The team’s size, technological stacks used, and front-end/back-end development complexity also play a role in pricing.

Application Features and Functionalities

More complex and extensive features increase development costs. Functions like user profiles, multimedia sharing, notifications, search capabilities, and platform integrations all contribute to the overall expense. Advanced features, such as machine learning for status updates, require additional investment.

Application Security

Security is paramount for social media apps handling sensitive user data. The complexity of security measures impacts development costs. Consulting with expert developers is advisable to determine the best security strategies based on user engagement and reach.

Application Maintenance Cost

 Post-launch maintenance, including updates, bug fixes, and security enhancements, is essential for a smooth user experience and staying competitive. These ongoing costs must be factored into the total budget.

Additional Cost Factors

 The development cost is also influenced by the experience of the company and the location of the developers. Developing a social media app like Threads can range from $50,000 to $150,000. For a precise estimate, consider hiring a top mobile app development company.


Meta’s Threads application offers a unique platform for engaging and connecting users, potentially transforming live-streamed conversations. This article comprehensively covers all the features, advantages, and capabilities of Threads. At TopSquad, a leading mobile app development company, we have a team of dedicated app developers skilled in crafting world-class social media apps tailored to specific business needs. Opting for app developers from specialized social media app development firms brings the advantage of expert knowledge in creating exceptional app development solutions. If your goal is to develop an app that effectively reaches your target audience, consider a premier app development company like TopSquad. We provide cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly app development services.

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