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At TopSquad, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering projects on time, within budget, and, most importantly, exceeding the expected value.

Our success is reflected in the growing list of satisfied clients who return to us for their project needs. With a team of more than 200 dedicated and highly skilled software engineers, we are driven to contribute our expertise to a diverse range of projects for clients across the globe.


CICD Real-Time Project: A Case Study Streamlining With DevOps

The CICD Real-Time project, which intended to develop and construct a complete collection of scripts for seamless system operation and maintenance, is the subject of this case study.

Redis Cluster, topsquad, casestudy

Simplifying Redis Cluster Configuration On Kubernetes

This project has an exciting goal in mind – to create a comprehensive collection of scripts that will revolutionize the way you deploy and manage a Redis cluster on Kubernetes. Say goodbye to complex setups and time-consuming tasks!

Kubernetes DevOps, casestudy, topsquad

Streamlining System Management with Kubernetes DevOps

The main objective of the Kubernetes DevOps project is to achieve seamless automation in deploying and maintaining systems on the Kubernetes platform, harnessing the power of native tools and industry best practices.

medly casestudy, topsquad

Medly: Revolutionizing Prescription Delivery

Medly, is dedicated to streamlining the prescription acquisition process by delivering medications directly to customers’ doorsteps. Say goodbye to long waits at the pharmacy and embrace the convenience and efficiency of Medly.

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iBlurb Photo Book Journey Capturing Memories

iBlurb serves as a photo book creator app, simplifying the process of transforming users’ cherished photos from Facebook, iPhones, or iPads into stunning, professional-quality photo books within minutes.

beautybeaux, casestudy, topsquad

Beauty BeauX: Achieving a Healthier You

Beauty BeauX is a mobile application designed to empower users on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. By closely monitoring users’ daily dietary habits and tracking changes in their bodies, the app aims to support individuals in achieving a well-balanced diet and fostering overall well-being.

workspaceonconfluence, topsquad, casestudy

Empowering Collaboration: Visual Team Workspace for Confluence

Visual Team Workspace for Confluence is a cutting-edge plugin designed to revolutionize how IT managers and leaders ideate and collaborate within the Confluence platform. By providing a wide array of visualization tools, customizable templates, and real-time collaboration features, this innovative solution streamlines idea creation, project planning, and IT process management.

farming solution, topsquad, casestudy

Next Gen Farming Solutions: Empowering Farmers with Innovation

Next Gen Farming Solutions is a groundbreaking web application that has revolutionized farming practices. This comprehensive and user-friendly platform empowers farmers to efficiently manage their containers and farm equipment with ease.

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