Automotive Software Development Services

We offer innovative, customized, reliable, and technology-driven solutions to clients worldwide. Our result-driven automotive software development services are tailored to your business requirements.

Our Automotive Software Development Solutions

We efficiently offer innovative, customized, unique, and reliable automotive software development services to clients worldwide. Our team of experts can help your business succeed in the automotive industry with tailored solutions.

1. Vehicle Interior Apps

2. On-Demand Apps

3. Loyalty System Apps

4. ERP Based Solutions

5. Self-service Apps

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Customized Automotive Applications

We offer interactive UX design integrated with touchscreen technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Car dashboard based apps

Music and video streaming apps

AR-based vehicle navigation apps

Dealer & Service Center Locator

Our Automotive Specialities

We specialize in building complex apps that enable our clients to efficiently campaign and lead across the globe.

Big Data Analytics

Our state-of-the-art big data solutions for the automotive industry assist our clients in managing their reputation and revenue. Equipped with highly advanced analytic tools for market analysis, automotive businesses can create effective strategies and enhance user experience.

IoT Integration

We utilize IoT-enabled technology to connect bike owners with their store and cloud service, while integrating them within a safety-focused ecosystem. This system is designed to bring enhanced safety including two-wheeler navigation systems.

Blockchain Solutions

With years of experience in deploying blockchain solutions, TopSquad assists businesses in the automotive industry to increase their brand loyalty, security, and identity while improving contract management.

AR/VR technology

As a leading automotive software development company, we provide our customers with an innovative approach to designing and manufacturing cars. This approach results in reduced time-to-market and lower costs for both the end product and the vehicle itself.