Medly, is dedicated to streamlining the prescription acquisition process by delivering medications directly to customers’ doorsteps. Say goodbye to long waits at the pharmacy and embrace the convenience and efficiency of Medly.

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Client: non-IT Company

Duration: 14 months

Size: 7 members

Development methodologies: Kanban

Medly – Pharmacy Delivery Mobile application

Medly makes getting prescriptions easy. No more waiting in lines at the pharmacy, prescriptions will be delivered right to the customers’ doors.

・Recieve personal prescriptions from doctor and inform user about the receipt.
・Pay for your co-pay
・Approve delivery
・Track delivery

・Architecture design
・Responsive UI with autolayout
・Implement core functionalities
・Integration test
・Technical support
・App release


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and accessibility are paramount. Medly, a mobile application, aims to simplify the process of obtaining prescriptions by delivering them right to customers’ doors. In this case study, we delve into the development of the Medly mobile application, highlighting the challenges faced, features implemented, and the transformative impact it has had on prescription management.

Project Overview

The Medly project focused on creating a seamless and user-friendly mobile application that eliminates the need for traditional visits to the pharmacy. With Medly, customers can have their prescriptions delivered directly to their homes, saving time and effort. This project aimed to provide a convenient and reliable solution for prescription fulfillment.

topsquad casestudy


topsquad casestudy

Throughout the development of the Medly mobile application, several challenges were encountered and addressed:

  1. Secure integration with healthcare systems: Integrating the application with healthcare systems securely was crucial to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive patient information. Robust security measures were implemented to protect data integrity and comply with regulatory requirements.
  2. Real-time prescription status updates: Providing users with real-time updates on the status of their prescriptions was a significant challenge. Implementing mechanisms to synchronize data between healthcare providers, the Medly app, and delivery services was essential for accurate and timely information sharing.
  3. User-friendly payment process: Designing a user-friendly payment process was essential to streamline the payment of co-pays within the application. Ensuring a seamless and intuitive payment experience enhanced user satisfaction and minimized potential payment processing issues.
  4. Reliable delivery tracking system: Establishing a reliable delivery tracking system was crucial to provide customers with transparency and peace of mind. Developing a robust system that allows users to track the progress of their prescription deliveries in real-time added an extra layer of convenience and trust.


topsquad casestudy

The Medly mobile application offers several key features that enhance the prescription management experience:

  1. Receive Personal Prescriptions: Users can receive their personal prescriptions directly from their doctors through the app. Prompt notifications inform users about the receipt of their prescriptions, eliminating the need for physical collection.
  2. Co-Pay Payment: The application allows users to conveniently pay their co-pays within the app, eliminating manual payment processing. This feature simplifies the payment process, saving time and effort for users.
  3. Delivery Approval: Users can review and approve the delivery of their prescriptions through the app. This feature provides users with control over their deliveries, ensuring that only authorized individuals receive their medications.
  4. Delivery Tracking: The app enables users to track the progress of their prescription deliveries in real-time. This feature adds transparency and peace of mind, allowing users to stay informed about the status of their deliveries.

The Results

The Medly mobile app revolutionized prescription management, offering customers unprecedented convenience. With just a few taps, users receive personalized prescriptions directly from their doctors. Co-pay payments are now effortless through the app, eliminating manual processing. Medly’s delivery approval feature ensures control over prescriptions, while real-time tracking provides transparency and peace of mind. We take pride in reshaping prescription management and remain committed to enhancing the user experience through innovation. Medly, shaping the future of health, one app at a time.

The Key Learnings

topsquad casestudy

Throughout the Medly project, several valuable insights were gained, shedding light on critical aspects of the development process:

  1. Healthcare Integration: Integrating with healthcare systems demanded the implementation of robust security measures to protect sensitive data while ensuring compliance with strict regulations. This aspect was meticulously addressed to safeguard user information and maintain confidentiality.
  2. User-Centric Design: The success of the Medly app hinged on prioritizing user experience. By focusing on intuitive interfaces and user-friendly navigation, we ensured seamless adoption and high levels of user satisfaction, paving the way for increased app engagement.
  3. Real-Time Updates: To enable smooth and accurate data sharing, the project emphasized the importance of real-time updates. By implementing mechanisms for real-time data synchronization, we ensured that users had access to the most current information, fostering efficiency and reliability.
  4. Simplifying Payment Processes: A key factor in enhancing user convenience was streamlining payment processes within the application. By simplifying and optimizing payment procedures, we minimized potential payment issues, making the overall user experience more efficient and hassle-free.
  5. Reliable Delivery Tracking: Building trust with customers was of utmost importance. Therefore, the project prioritized the development of a robust delivery tracking system. This feature empowered users to monitor their prescription deliveries in real-time, fostering transparency and instilling confidence in the app’s reliability.

Each of these insights served as a foundation for the Medly app’s success, ensuring that the final product delivered unparalleled user experiences and revolutionized prescription management. The knowledge gained throughout the project will continue to shape our approach to future endeavors, as we remain committed to innovation, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.


The Medly mobile application has revolutionized the prescription management process by offering a convenient, secure, and user-friendly solution. By overcoming challenges related to healthcare integration, real-time updates, payment processes, and delivery tracking, Medly has streamlined prescription fulfillment, making it more accessible and hassle-free for users. The project’s key learnings highlight the importance of prioritizing user-centric design, efficient data handling, and reliable logistics management in transforming the prescription management landscape.