Hire blockchain developers for your needs

Elevate your business with TopSquad’s hire blockchain developers service, enhancing efficiency, security, and overall profitability. Transform your operations and achieve remarkable outcomes. Contact us today to learn more.

Technology stack that we cover

Security boost

TopSquad develops custom decentralized data storage solutions to boost security, facilitate data integration, provide better access control, and reduce risks.

Crypto wallet development

TopSquad creates custom crypto wallet DApps supporting multiple cryptocurrencies with real-time wallet balance information.

Custom blockchain networks

At TopSquad, our solid background and expertise in blockchain development enables us to deliver customized solutions that can help refuel your business.

ICO solutions

We provide professional expertise to help you launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Decentralized app development

We specialize in building high-end DApps that combine multiple interrelated smart contracts with common logic and front-end. 

Smart contracts

We develop, test, and deploy tailor-made smart contracts with unique business logic to enable credible transactions.

Why should you hire dedicated developers?

Plenty of talents.

You might be lacking certain specialists in your area, and remote professionals will close the gap.

Proven expertise.

Our developers have delivered dozens of projects in various fields.

No bureaucracy.

Quick start and flexible models of cooperation enable fast, easy hire.


Reduce development and overhead costs while getting the guaranteed quality of work.

hire blockchain developers

How to hire the best blockchain developers?

You will go through these steps to pick the staff that suits your requirements best

hire blockchain developers

Share the brief

Give us a description of your project, and we will suggest the developers from our pool who can complete your tasks in the best possible way

Plan working strategy

We set cooperation details like developers’ scope of work and the time frames at this stage

Scan the talents

We usually have more than one option of developers skilled in any given technology

Run the tests

Check if the level of our professional is good enough. You can run any reasonable qualification tests

Hire the talent

The developer will remain our employee, but you will have full control over his or her work tasks